Wringing Out a Goblin: 1c

Wringing Out a Goblin: 1c. Cricket smells the magic on the air.  It fills his nostrils, stinging as he tries to steady his breath, calming his nerves and lowering his heart rate.  In a crisis, it does one no good to allow emotion to rule over one's body.  He runs down the stairs after telling Shin, the strange little bard, to watch after the halfling.  Cricket has little doubt that what he will find below is something better kept from Coco's eyes.     Powerful magic.... Continue Reading on Patreon

Wringing Out a Goblin: 1b.

Wringing Out a Goblin: 1b. Shin Quickmouth strums lazily at his lute.  The melody is a melancholy one.  He's spent a week now in the company of Tinker, an aged and wizened artificer and Andry, a middle aged halfling with the Mark of Hospitality.  Difficult to pass up such comforts, especially this far from the nearest city.  It has been a week of being warm, well feed, and treated with respect, something he doesn't often experience in his travels.  The life of a Kobold bard is not exactly an easy one, which is why he mostly sticks to comedy to earn his way; somehow laughter is more easily accepted from a two foot one inch tall lizard creature than epic verse and history (lizard isn't fair, there are many who believe the Kobold hail from the progeniture dragons themselves).  Shin makes a mental note to be less hard on himself, but in his time here he has grown more and more pessimistic about his chosen passion and himself.  More and more doubtful that he will ever find what

Wringing Out a Goblin: 1A

Wringing Out a Goblin 1a.   Cricket Stonespur's goal had been the shores of Karrnath, where the marshal culture of discipline and stoic strength seemed an obvious choice to begin this journey of discovery and diplomacy.  After all, although an age apart from the Goblinoids who once ruled Khorvaire as the mighty Dhakaani Empire, the Goblins of Stonespur Island are still a warrior race.  In the ages that passed from the fall of the empire, they lived apart, marooned at first, but then blessed in their isolation.  They developed a civilization founded on honor, discipline, and respect; cornerstones of a great society they believe those on the mainland of Khorvaire lack.  Violent without purpose, emotional without cause, and fickle without good humor, the rest of the continent  is populated by barbarians.  Every two hundred years, an emissary is sent to engage in trade and diplomatic relations with the mainland.  None has ever returned.  What more evidence would the Goblins of Stonespu

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Please keep in mind, that while the story is original,  Dungeons and Dragons  was created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.  The rights are currently owned by  Wizards of the Coast .  The world I am using for this campaign is Eberron as presented in  Eberron: Rising from the Last War .  The majority of my referenced D&D collection is from my account and purchased material with  D&D Beyond .  Including:  Keith Baker, Jeremy Crawford, & James Wyatt(2019). Eberron : rising from the last war.Wizards Of The Coast. Mearls, M., & Crawford, J. (2014). Dungeons & dragons player’s handbook. Wizards Of The Coast. Mearls, M., & Crawford, J. (2014). Dungeon master’s guide. Wizards Of The Coast. Mearls, M., Crawford, J., Schwalb, R. J., Sernett, M., Townshend, S., & Wyatt, J. (2014). Dungeons & dragons. Monster manual. Wizards Of The Coast. Wizards Of The Coast, Inc. (2020). Tasha’s cauldron of everything. Wizards Of The Coast Llc. Crawford, J., Mearls, M., & Wizard