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Welcome to WestD&D.  


I began playing D&D last year (I never played as a kid) and caught the bug.  I can’t believe I missed out on such a narrative boot camp, but I did.  Don’t worry, just makes me a late bloomer and I’m making up for it now.  I started DMing a campaign for my daughters, my brother, and my best friend earlier this year and it has been a blast. Obviously, being who I am, this led me to sharing it with all of you.  


In addition to having another imaginative outlet, this also gives me an opportunity to explore some styles I might not have otherwise written in without the seriousness of a finished product and to include and share some guest posts from my talented daughters and friends.  I'll be posting the episodes to Patreon first—helps to keep costs low and offer some benefits beyond just the episodes.  A bit later, you can find the episodes here and on Royal Road.  It's supposed to be fun—for me at least—so while I welcome input and will correct as I go if people catch things...well, you get the idea.  

I'll be breaking up the chapters in bite sized pieces.  Starting with a little 3rd person limited perspective, present tense (for all you word nerds).  I usually write 3rd person multiple perspective in the past tense.  We'll then move on to first person, maybe second, and then inevitably back to my own style, more like the novels you might be used to reading from me. 

I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to share and follow me wherever you prefer.  

Please keep in mind, that while the story is original, Dungeons and Dragons was created by Gary Gygax 
and Dave Arneson.  The rights are currently owned by Wizards of the Coast.  The world I am using for this campaign is Eberron as presented in Eberron: Rising from the Last War
The majority of my referenced D&D collection is from my account and purchased material with D&D Beyond.  Including: 

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